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-   HOW WE DO IT  -

Image by Cara Beth Buie

You become a member by creating an account here. You provide your mobile phone number to enable us to send you notifications

You are notified that orders are open via SMS on your mobile phone. You place orders through the online shop

Some orders happen weekly or fortnightly. Others open a few times a year. Most orders are open for about a week, depending on the supplier. The next dates for each order can be found in the 'Order details' and 'Calendar' links in the shop 

Freight is included in the item prices. You checkout like you would in any online store. You can pay by card, or by bank transfer. You also nominate where you want to collect your order from

Some suppliers require us to buy full cartons of items. In this case, we need to fill the order by asking members if they would like to buy specific items to fill an order, after the order has closed. Order fills are notified via SMS on your mobile phone

Items are available for collection from one of our collection locations once orders arrive and are sorted. You will be notified when your order is ready for collection. Please note order fulfilment times are currently around 14 days from the order closing date

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