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New Supplier - 17th May 2023


We are introducing a new product range from a new supplier this week.

GF Precinct are artisan bakers making gluten free, hand-made products in their completely gluten-free bakery in Melbourne. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge about bread, especially sourdough. They use locally-milled stone ground buckwheat and organic besan (chickpea) flours.

Their breads and other products are preservative-free.

Their range includes various loaf varieties, wraps, dinner rolls, burger buns, pizza bases, bread crumbs and cakes.

The order will open fortnightly on Fridays to begin with (first order will be this Friday), and will open weekly if there is enough demand to fill weekly orders in the coming months.

Their products all freeze well.

In other news, Munchen Bakery order will be on hiatus for some time, while Fei catches her breath and manages a hectic schedule. She thanks us for the support 🙂 We thank her for supplying us with delicious, small-batch sourdough bread, and hope she comes on board again in the future.

Please get in touch with any questions.


Melbourne Wellness Hub Inc

Ph. 0438 233 414

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