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Orders Open - 17th December 2022

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Hi 🙂

You will notice that as of this week, the émotions paper goods (toilet paper, tissues, paper towels) order will open every fortnight. This is to counteract the steep rise in freight costs we experienced last month, as more frequent, smaller orders will cost us less in freight. I am keen for the product prices to remain the same moving forward, and so the freight costs will, for now, be paid for by the Hub out of our admin pot. We will reassess this model in the New Year and adjust if needed! For now, enjoy regular access to those bog rolls… And remember that if you have never tried their products before, you can buy samples (individual rolls) of the four different toilet paper types they offer at any time from Fills or from the émotions shop page.

The following orders are currently open (links open the order pages):

  • Munchen Bakery - handmade organic sourdough breads and treats, made in a local microbakery;

  • émotions - bamboo and recycled toilet paper, tissues and paper towels, including a range made in Melbourne;

  • Bass River Dairies - amazing milk, bottled on the farm, and artisan cheeses, made on the farm; and

  • Eggs - certified pastured, free range eggs, fresh from Thriving Foods Farm, an organic regenerative farm in Koo Wee Rup.

You will be contacted via SMS when your order is ready for collection, as orders are sometimes delivered later in the day due to unforeseen circumstances.

This will be the last egg order for the year. The next egg order will open on the 30th December and will be ready for collection from the 9th January.

Please note there are also many items in Fills, including frozen fruit and veggies, various cheeses, miso, BARF pet food, butter, and salt.

Please get in touch with any questions.

Happy shopping!


Melbourne Wellness Hub Inc

Ph. 0438 233 414

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