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Orders Open - 19th August 2023

Happy weekend to you 🙂

Please make sure you read the minutes from last Monday’s urgent meeting, and complete the survey if you collect from Pakenham. It is important that those collecting from Pakenham are aware of the changes we have had to make. Please note that after Monday 21st August, collections will be from another venue in Pakenham (to be announced once finalised).

From this week, Eggs are available to buy per carton of 12 rather than trays of 30. They come in two different sizes - 700g and 800g. The price on the 700g cartons is the same per egg as what we were paying for the trays of thirty 700g eggs.

The following orders are currently open (links open each order page):

  • Bass River Dairies - amazing milk, bottled on the farm, and artisan cheeses, made on the farm;

  • Eggs - certified pastured, free range eggs, fresh from Thriving Foods Farm, an organic regenerative farm in Koo Wee Rup;

  • St David Dairy - microdairy in Fitzroy that produces butter, buttermilk, cream and yoghurt; and

  • Blue Pumpkin - different brands of organic fridge, freezer and pantry items, including frozen fruit and vegetables, Meredith Dairy sheep and goat yoghurt and cheeses, Coyo coconut yoghurt and ice cream, sugar free organic dairy yoghurt, cheeses, Byron Bay Gourmet Pies, Bio-Grape range and many more.

In addition, I was unable to send out a reminder about Dr B’s BARF closing on Friday, so I will leave it open until tomorrow night (Sunday 20th August), 10pm.

As of this coming week, collection for these orders will be on a Saturday morning, with the time to be confirmed once everyone has completed the survey, and a venue to be confirmed this week. It will be in Pakenham.

There are also several items in Fills including spice blends, salt, period briefs, spice mixes and more.

Please get in touch with any questions.

Happy shopping!


Melbourne Wellness Hub Inc

Ph. 0438 233 414

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