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Orders Open - 27th August 2023

Happy weekend to you 🙂

Cheeky Monkey is a new line of heat bags /cold packs introduced to the Hub this week. This order will open all the time, like Olive & Bee. They are handmade in Melbourne, have removable, washable covers in a range of fun fabrics, and are made from 100% cotton fabric and thread. They contain corn, making them suitable for people with wheat allergies. You can store them in the freezer as a handy cold pack that easily moulds to the affected area. There is more information on them in the ‘Order Details’ link on the order page.

This week we trialled our first weekend of Saturday morning collections for Pakenham at a different venue. It went smoothly (relief!). I am in the process of finalising a more permanent venue and will be able to give you more information on that soon. Thanks for your patience during this transition!

We currently have nine orders open - our weekly/fortnightly orders, as well as some bimonthly ones that are closing tonight, and a new line of products The following orders are currently open:

  • Cheeky Monkey - Heat bags made from 100% cotton fabric and thread, with removable, washable covers. They contain corn instead of wheat, making them suitable for people with wheat allergies. You can read more about them on the product info page;

  • Bass River Dairies - amazing milk, bottled on the farm, and artisan cheeses, made on the farm;

  • GF Precinct - local, handmade gluten-free breads, wraps, dinner rolls, burger buns, pizza bases, bread crumbs and cakes, using locally-milled stone ground buckwheat and organic besan (chickpea) flours. Their products are preservative-free;

  • émotions - bamboo and recycled toilet paper, tissues and paper towels, including a range made in Melbourne (remember that if you have never tried their products before, you can buy samples (individual rolls) of the four different toilet paper types they offer at any time from Fills or from the émotions shop page). émotions is a Melbourne-based social enterprise, run by women and donating 50% of profits to mental health organisations;

  • Eggs - certified pastured, free range eggs, fresh from Thriving Foods Farm, an organic regenerative farm in Koo Wee Rup;

  • Best of the Bone - long, slow-cooked bone broths and collagen peptides made with grass-fed and grass-finished Australian Organic Beef Bones. This is a living product, not a powder;

  • Helios - earth- and people-friendly personal care products, laundry and dishwashing detergents, and more;

  • Spiral Foods - Sauces, condiments, Aurelio Riverina Grove organic olives, gluten free pasta, and much more; and

  • Terra Madre - organic pantry items including nuts, seeds, dried beans, dried fruit, coconut oil, spices, dried herbs, and much, much more.

You will be contacted via SMS when your order is ready for collection, as orders are sometimes delivered later in the day due to unforeseen circumstances.

There are also lots of items in Fills at the moment! Fills are important because they let us buy items in bulk (by the carton) so we can continue to get big discounts, but items do need to keep moving through there to keep us financially viable 🙂 So if you need anything, or want to treat yourself to something (there’s always cheese!) head over and check out Fills.

Please get in touch with any questions.

Happy shopping!


Melbourne Wellness Hub Inc

Ph. 0438 233 414

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