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Urgent Olive Oil Announcement - 21st November 2023

There is currently a world-wide shortage of olive oil, due to widespread wildfires and crop failures in the Mediterranean (particularly Spain and Greece, the two primary olive-growing countries).

Production, supply and freight costs have all spiralled, and the cost of importing olive oil has increased 300%. Because of this, our Olive Oil supplier will not be importing any olive oil next year.

However, they still have a small supply of stock from this year’s harvest, and are willing to sell it to us as this year’s price.

I have opened the Olive Oil order, but availability is limited. You can purchase 18L tins for $225 each.

Please order only ONE tin each for now. If you would ideally like more than one tin, please note this in the comments at the bottom of the Cart page. If there are tins left over after everyone has had the opportunity to order, I will invoice you for extra tins and you can have more.

I am negotiating with a local grower of good quality olive oil to supply us next year at wholesale prices, but this is not finalised as yet, and the price is likely to be higher than this.

The Olive Oil order will remain open until 10pm Friday 24th November, so we can move on the olive oil before our supplier’s stocks run out.

Please get in touch with any questions.

Have a lovely week and happy shopping!


Melbourne Wellness Hub Inc

Ph. 0438 233 414

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