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The Great Toilet Paper Dilemma of 2022

13th October 2022

Dear Hub members,


Since July, I have been searching for a solution to our toilet paper supply problem.


I am unhappy with the direction in which Who Gives A Crap is heading. From the outside looking in, I feel that their values no longer align with what the Hub stands for, and what we are trying to achieve. In addition, their communication in the last few years has deteriorated to the point of being unworkable. Without a phone number, and taking weeks to reply to emails, pursuing them for resolution to issues that arise is difficult and time consuming.


There is a toilet paper supplier who more closely aligns with our ethos, and can supply product at reasonable prices. émotions are a small social enterprise, based in Melbourne. Their communication is amazing, they are helpful and friendly, and they donate 50% of their profits to mental health organisations. Their products are made from sustainable, FSC-certified fibres (recycled paper or bamboo) and they have closely examined the work conditions of the people involved in every step of the process. Their delivery is 100% carbon neutral. They are run by women. They also supply paper towel and tissues.


Best of all, two of their products are made in Melbourne.


The four types and the price per roll are:

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 8.05.59 pm.png

The larger price differences between émotions and WGAC for recycled toilet paper are due to the skyrocketing prices of recycled paper pulp amid a worldwide shortage, as WGAC have existing contracts with suppliers.


I have ordered one box each of the four toilet paper types to give us a chance to try out the products. Individual rolls of each type are currently available in the shop I will leave them open as long as rolls last. If possible, please limit your purchase to one roll of each type to start with, so everyone can have a chance to try them out.


Please note that the price per individual roll is higher than what we will be paying eventually, as we will be getting a pallet price on our orders, rather than a smaller discount on this order.


Thank you so much for your patience while this issue was sorted out. It took many leads and dead ends, much research and a well-timed nudge (thank you, Melissa Stewart!).


Here’s to a new, exciting, and hopefully long-lasting toilet paper partnership!





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